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Brand: Cayro Model: 85165
Description:A fun game with which you will inadvertently learn to add and subtract. The objective of the game is to fill your worm with colored balls doing what comes out on the dice. Sometimes you will have to put in and others to take away. The one who completes it first wins!This game has 3 diffe..
Ex Tax:€15.12
Brand: Cayro Model: 85855
Description:Chaf Chof is a game of agility and visual speed. Throw the dice and be the quickest to find the card with the same combination of animals and colors. You can play with colors or shapes and the instructions also include a playing variant from 2 years old upwards.Recommended age: 3+Nu..
Ex Tax:€10.50
Brand: Cayro Model: 85631
Description:Up to 6 simultaneous players will try to bring their tokens to the opposite side of this wooden board. The warmth of its touch provides extra enjoyment.Recommended age: 8+Num. of players: 2-6Box size: 30x30x4 cm..
Ex Tax:€16.80
Brand: Cayro Model: 858113
Box size: 10x13x10cmProduct size: 9x12,5cm..
Ex Tax:€5.03
Brand: Cayro Model: 85332
A game involving action and speed. Ring the doorbell if you want the ball that has come out of the ball holder, be the first to complete your colour line, have a good think about if you want the ball as you will lose one of the ones you already got if you get it wrong.Recommended age: 5+Num. of..
Ex Tax:€17.64
Brand: Cayro Model: 85872
Description:Build endless figures with these wooden blocks painted in a range of different colors.70 PCS..
Ex Tax:€15.96
Brand: Cayro Model: 85123
DESCRIPTION: DOUBLE TANGRAM puts to the test your visual perception and that of your opponent. Each player will have a tangram and chooses a card of the same level of difficulty at random form the pack.Recommended age: 5+Num. of players: 2Box size: 37x17x3,5 cm..
Ex Tax:€12.18
Brand: Cayro Model: 85858
Description:Get ready!, calm down!, You should place the pieces of various shapes on the colored bases dictated by the dice, but be careful the base should not swing to avoid knocking down the pieces.Recommended age: 5+Num. of players: +2Box size: 11x19x11 cm..
Ex Tax:€9.24
Brand: Cayro Model: 85162
Description:Learn how to tangle yourself up with this 1mx1m board. The game includes 2 dice, one depicting colours and the other limbs. You must throw both dice, follow their instructions, and take your position on the board. Don’t fall over or you’ll lose. The board is made from water resistant pla..
Ex Tax:€10.92
Brand: Cayro Model: 85160
Description: Who hasn’t played this game at one time or another? Well now you can make it bigger with this 1mx1m board, which is water resistant and can be walked on. The pieces and the die are made from flexible material and can be washed. Children will have fun with their friends and learn the bas..
Ex Tax:€11.76
Brand: Cayro Model: 858111
Recommended age: 2+Box size: 10x13x10cmProduct size: 9x12,5cm..
Ex Tax:€5.03
Brand: Cayro Model: 85620
Description:In the game Mancala, strategy, tactics and perspective meet. Move the natural stones around the wood board and try to bring as many as possible to your "home".Recommended age: 8+Num. of players: 2Box size: 27x18x4 cm..
Ex Tax:€16.80
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