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Infant and Toddler Toys

Brand: PlayGo Model: 52446
PRODUCT SIZE (cm) 39 x 55.5 x 46..
Ex Tax:€47.89
Brand: PlayGo Model: 52229
Multi-activity table stimulates your child’s hands and mind.Provides opportunities for fine motor skill development and hand eye coordination.PRODUCT SIZE (cm) : 40 x 40 x 59.2..
Ex Tax:€25.20
Brand: Kiddieland Model: 3553132
Hear fun music played by 6 different instruments with flashing lights for great audio stimulation. Includes piano keys with mode switch to play music in different instruments settings: piano, xylophone, violin, saxophone and flute...
Ex Tax:€27.31
Brand: Kiddieland Model: 3524752
Battery powered tractor goes forward and auto-stops. Press steering wheel for horn, or press the driver for music. With realistic engine revs and lights, tractor includes 5 removable farm animals for added fun.* REQUIRES 3 x AA BATTERIES..
Ex Tax:€22.68
Brand: PlayGo Model: 52375
Ex Tax:€9.24
Brand: PlayGo Model: 520265
Ex Tax:€3.35
Brand: PlayGo Model: 52238
PRODUCT SIZE (cm) 38.5 x 37.5 x 35..
Ex Tax:€18.49
Brand: Kiddieland Model: 3557604
A gentle tap sends beads bouncing away as cute images rotate for visual fun!Endless fun with exciting motion for hours of giggling fun!..
Ex Tax:€12.18
Brand: PlayGo Model: 51756
Watch as the ball swirls down each level.Encourage hand eye coordination.PRODUCT SIZE (cm) : 15.2 x 15.2 x 21.2..
Ex Tax:€6.71
Brand: PlayGo Model: 52940
Your little one will have loads of fun turning the gears, sorting the shapes and letting the balls roll around, and while doing so they will learn to recognise colours, shapes and the principle of cause and effect in a playful manner. Playing with this inviting activity toy will also help to improve..
Ex Tax:€19.75
Brand: PlayGo Model: 51765
Ex Tax:€10.50
Brand: Kiddieland Model: 3529637
Seven different sides full of exciting features!Time for real learning fun with this interactive box. Funny activities including electronic lights, funny sounds and even sweet melodies appear on many of these seven faces. Familiarise children with daily used products such as telephones, TV’s, c..
Ex Tax:€25.20
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