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Brand: Kod Kod Model: 31464
Speak - don’t peek! Ask the least questions to win! This exciting educational game promotes the development of verbal expression and improvement of deductive reasoning skills by using relevant questions and drawing logical conclusions. The object of the game: To discover which picture card is u..
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Brand: Kod Kod Model: 31854
Ex Tax:€8.57
Brand: Kod Kod Model: 31463
Especially Suitable for the last year of preschool and summer vacation:Exercises in learning skillsCoordination and rudimentary writingUnderstanding 3-D - translating from 2 into 3 dimensionsContents:A game kit with 72 different activitiesFive frogged in 5 different coloursa plastic worktablean eras..
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Brand: Kod Kod Model: 31471
Roll The Dice... Grab The Right Hat!Hit The Hat! is an exciting and challenging game for the whole family that develops visual perception skills and hand/eye coordination. Contents:36 hat cards in a variety of shapes and colours4 plastic ‘Snatchers’ + 4 vacuum cups3 dice + LabelsApproximately 2..
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Brand: Kod Kod Model: 31850
Ex Tax:€7.56
Brand: Kod Kod Model: 31839
Welcome to the Zoo ! The animals like to play tricks on the zoo keeper, roaming and wandering around. Have some fun and help the zoo keeper keep the herds in check by tracking down the animals who have roamed away or those who have wandered in. KodKod International Games More Or Less? is a memory ga..
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Brand: Kod Kod Model: 31312
Simplified stitching game with patented pen and colourful strings, this game offers an unlimited number of possibilities! Enhances cognitive ability and spatial awareness and improves hand-eye coordination.A fun and completely safe way to stitch and unstitch...
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Brand: Kod Kod Model: 39383
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Brand: Kod Kod Model: 31472
Who Has? Is a challenging game of matching. Develops language skills and the ability to sort items into different groups. In this unique game, your child will learn about different items by dividing them into the groups they belong to. Your child will also refine language skills, develop the imagina..
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Brand: Kod Kod Model: 31461
My First Sudoku by KodKod International Games will help your little one develop their logical thinking. This game offers hours and hours of fun with illustrated tiles suited specially to each child's abilities. Exciting and educational, this game would make a cute gift for any child!A game fit for a..
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Brand: Kod Kod Model: 39718
Players learn to arrange colored disks according to a changing pattern, thereby developing organization and replication skills, spatial perception, matching abilities, fine motor skills and agility.Race against family and friends to be the first to arrange your balls exactly as they appear in the sh..
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